Who is Integrative Life Coaching for?

        Some people feel stuck in complacency and suffer with low self-image, insecurity, are overwhelmed with confusion, resentments, doubts, recurring negative patterns, anxiety and depression...  and an ineffective life they are just uninspired by. Sometimes this is a temporary for all of us and sometimes it's a more chronic condition for a group (a large group) of us.

        lf you, or someone you care about, is settling for merely surviving your life, when deep down you yearn to LOVE YOUR LIFE and you know you are meant to be thriving, (you just don't know how). I can help you. 


        As a Certified Integrative Coach, trained energy healer and intuitive empath from birth, I've been preparing and perfecting this role. I will guide you to breakthrough what's been holding you back, and shift into your God given gifts of Joy, Freedom, Authentic Confidence, Contribution and Radiance, to create the Miraculous life you are called to lead.

You are a candidate for this work if you are looking to have some, most, or all of the following results:​


  • Transform negative thought patterns into a productive, positive and healthy mindset

  •  Live with purpose and a deeper sense of knowing   

  • Relieve stress your experience of suffering by accessing inner peace and clarity

  • Master communication skills and "right speech", benefiting all your relationships

  • Cultivate personal power, authentic confidence and enthusiasm for life

  • Grow your creativity and be a more fully self-expressed YOU

  • Feel and look your vital, radiant and beaming best Self

  • Inhabit your body with joy, comfort, grace, and beauty

  • Love being yourself

"Vanessa has been coaching/counseling me for the last two months and it has been one of the most genuinely rewarding experiences in my adult life. I came to her hoping to focus on building self-confidence, as well as obtaining a better understanding of self so I can live a more authentic life. Over the past decade, I have sought professional help from time to time in effort to address past and situational issues. Vanessa has helped me more in 2 months than multiple professonals have done in over a decade. Before working with Vanessa, It felt like I was treating the symptoms and not the actual problem. Vanessa understood that. She simplified my confused way of thinking and introduced real clarity.A clarity I didn't realize I was missing.. She has taught me how to create the life and reality I want and most importantly, how to trust myself. The personal growth Ive experienced under Vanessa's coaching is invaluable and have recommended her to some of the closest people to me."

Valeria, CA

"I cherish my time with Vanessa! Her ability to tune in, not only intellectually, but intuitively, makes her a uniquely connected guide in my souls journey. She helps me to get to the core of the matter and remove any blocks that don't serve, leaving me to stand in authentic power and knowing my innate capacity to accomplish any goals or dreams set in my work, health, or life vision. My #1 "go to" person!"

Illeana, PA

"Vanessa has guided me through mental breakdowns to mental breakthroughs on several occasions by skillfully asking the right questions."


Jen Venneman, PA

(On the Spectrum)

"I have known and worked with Vanessa several times since we met years ago. I look forward to our sessions each week and always walk away feeling empowered! Even if I am not sure what I want to discuss at the start of a session, I almost always have an “a-ha” moment during our discussion that leads me to doing some self-evaluation and getting at the root of any issues that I have been struggling to manage.

Vanessa is caring, insightful, knowledgeable and has a strong female energy that you can’t help but pick up in her presence. She has helped me in both my personal life and with the growth of my small business. I consider her a mentor and a friend! I highly recommend Vanessa to anyone who needs guidance in any area of life. Vanessa is extremely welcoming and a great listener and opening up to her feels like talking to a good friend over coffee!"

Stacey, PA