Imagine you felt  free to share yourself openly and boldly...


          Imagine you were liberated to express your voice in the world... 

              Imagine you possessed the confidence to sing your song,

                                                     Shine Your  Light,

                                                    Be Yourself...

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                        YOUR  VOICE, is the way to these powerful treasures you hold inside

      Voice coaching with Vanessa Rae is more than fun exploring and growing your vocal skills,  it's                         reclaiming yourself through your voice!             

      Not only will you sing, you'll establish new ways of speaking and being heardYou'll  hold and                   present yourself with power, grace & confidence, to be effective     

                    wherever you perform and present and with whomever you communicate.

             A priceless skill that transforms events, relationships and everything because it                                                 transforms your sense of self!


Session Prices:          in-person            virtual (over computer)

45 min sesson               $40                               $30

60 min sesson               $50                               $60

75 min sesson                $60                               $70

   Sign up for your  FREE  20-min Voice Coaching Session  

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