The Chuck Shalley Scholarship Fund

The Story: Chuck Shalley is an Earth Angel! He was my client for over 10 years who became a friend and I love this man as family. After many years of working together as his therapeutic massage therapist, I wanted to expand my training and offerings into the pycho-spiritual realm and offer life coaching and counseling along with my healing physical modalities. The school I was drawn to was one I couldn't afford, the program at the Ford Institute would cost approximately $10,000.

Mr. Shalley was an incredibly generous man who was kind beyond belief and always treated people with the utmost dignity, respect, grace and sometimes supported them in ways financially. I came to him to ask for a LOAN for the reason to continue my education.

I was touched and moved to tears, when he quickly said he would give me the money for my studies. And, honestly, as grateful as I was, I wasn't completely surprised, since this is in his character to give...


What was a surprise was his condition, "You will not pay me back, you will PAY IT FORWARD, like I am doing for you now."

BLESS THIS MAN! Since he didn't need the money, he wanted me to give it to someone else in need.                                                                     And that's YOU!

                I am giving $10,000 of my services now,to be of the highest use. Because people need this work NOW, they don't have to pay and this work is safe during the quarantine, because it's online AND I can work with any English speaking person on the planet.

                      It could be you or anyone you know who qualifies!

What YOU get: 

FREE One-on-One Coaching and Counseling sessions with me every week over Zoom or Skype.


Each session is 60 minutes, frequency 1-3 times per week, as needed. For potentially many months or even years.*

*Services last until $10,000 is spent. (And each session's value is high but is priced low to be more accessible to all people who might be interested, at only $40 per hour session.) This means I can work with many people and for a lengthy time, as needed.

About the Work: All of my Coaching and Counseling work is 100% confidential. All of the work helps you feel better about yourself and your life and improves your relationships. You will grow confidence, clarity, self-love and self-expression. This work helps provide peace, a sense of worth, direction, and access to your joy. Below are the three categories of  focus to choose from to further direct the way in which you want to grow and what type of support you need. (Clients don't need to stay in a program, you may transfer to other focus's as needed.)

Option 1: Body Love Program 

Whether you are in need to transform your relationship to your body or just get support with body goals.

This choice focuses on your relationship with your body. Healing shame, image issues, poor self-esteem, cure self loathing and a general learning to fall in love with your body. Self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth, forgiveness, kindness, body goals, compassion, Divine Right Eating plan, confidence, respect and worth.

*Best if: You are healing an eating disorder, have low regard for your body, negative talk, low body esteem, and want to gain a new respect, love and appreciation for your body. Also good if you want support in attaining a new supportive image for your "dream body" and healthy goals.

Option 2: Vocal Freedom Program 

Whether you are exploring and improving your singing voice or you desire freedom and confidence in defining who you are and how you express yourself in the world.

This choice focuses on your relationship with your self-expression. Finding your sense of self, overcoming shyness and difficulty in finding and expressing your truth. Helps with connection to oneself and others. This program takes an in-depth look at communication and connection, the power of words and how you are creating from these words (positively and negatively). This program uses "voice" literally and figuratively for you to gain, vocal freedom, a powerful sense of self and authentic confidence in YOU.

*Best if: You feel stuck, unseen and frustrated in your personal expression in the world or have a hard time relating to others and getting your messages across. Or just want to play with your voice!!

Option 3: Personal Power Program 

Whether you need a complete mental makeover from negativity or you long to grow your sense of purpose and power to effectively live a fabulous life.

This choice focuses on your relationship with your self and what it's like to just BE you. We will start wherever you are at and lift you to a higher place you want to be. Like the other programs, this provides a great sense of confidence, high regard for self and others and reminds you of your deep inherent value and worth. This program includes growing intuition and healing techniques for self balancing and regulating and is particularly good for those willing to change a negative perspective into a helpful, positive and effective one. 

*Best if: You lack clarity and peace and long for a sense of groundedness, strength, purpose, direction and positivity. You feel ineffective in your life, you're not sure how to cope and you want to just feel good in yourself and powerful in the face of challenges!

Who's Eligible:


Anyone who has read through the description of the work and benefits


Has a need for this support and help

Has access to Skype or Zoom

Is English speaking

How to Apply:

Step 1. Send an Email to Vanessa Rae at and ask for the application questions to be sent for you to answer to the best of your ability. There aren't many and they aren't hard, they are all about you and how I can most help you!

Step 2. We will be on a 20 min interview/introduction, where we will make sure our online connection works, get a sense for one another and what's possible if we work together. I'll answer any of your questions, plus we will find a time that works to begin your FREE services.

                                            And that's it!

               Professional Coaching and Counseling FREE

                          to you (or your loved ones)!


        Ask for the quick and easy questionnaire to begin your 100% FREE Sessions!