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Hybrid Program:



      Digital Course        + Private 1:1 Coaching

This is the Mother of the Miracle-Minded Weight Loss Program. For optimal support, comprehensive Holistic content, plus maximum tailoring to customize this program to meet your specific needs. Includes the MMWL Digital Course (with over 12 hours of forever-yours content), plus weekly live 75 min coaching sessions. Coaching sessions can be done as an individual or with an intimate group of sisters journeying along together.

Digital Course +
Small Group

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                                              hang out on a particular module you need most as long as you like. Fits perfectly into however crazy, busy or unpredictable your schedule may be. The Digital Course is yours for life!


This Digital Course is perfect for maximum flexibility and approaching your growth, learning and change at your own rate, speed and depth. Repeat modules, skip modules, return to topics,

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     9 Week Digital Course (Only)

 On Sale $555 

Regularly $888

9 Week Private Coaching Package (Only)


Best for those that desire personal support, accountably structures, connection, compassion, interaction and customizations to their food, eating and body relationship. For those who who desire to release weight, as well as those who may not, that have more specified healing to do in their relationship with their body and food. (Including under-eaters, those suffering with anorexia, bulimia, emotional and compulsive eating habits and the depression and anxiety that accompanies these). Anything that robs you of body bliss, peace of mind and enjoyment of food- this package is highly recommended for you.

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Sliding Scale Scholarships Available 

On Sale $1,777 



This is the Mother of the Miracle-Minded Weight Loss Program for optimal support, content and customization of this revolutionary and innovative program.

Digital Course

  • 9-Modules released weekly for 9 weeks. All 60-120 minutes in length. 

  • Have the recordings FOR LIFE, to redo & revisit anytime. Over 12 hours of comprehensive education, content, instructions and assignments. 

  • Hypnotherapy recorded sessions for daily subconscious reprogramming.

  • Eating plan and new mindset around food that’s customized to work just for you!With no "No's", "Bad" foods.

  • New psycho-spiritual Miracle-Mindset to help recondition your harmful beliefs, negative thinking and unhelpful physical habits; correcting your thinking to align with your Highest-Self (confidence, comfort and intuition) & greatest body potential.

  • Library of Embodied Movement videos for any level of fitness to practice becoming present in your body and moving with comfort, ease and power.

  • Spirit Bonus Video- to help incorporate the spiritual into your practical life.

  • Body Healing Activation Video, healing with Archangel Michael; and Golden Body Meditation.

  • All additional add-ons and updates will be delivered to your inbox during the time you're currently in the course.

  • Comprehensive 135 page Workbook Companion to accompany you on your journey with content, notes, homework and journaling.


Private Coaching

  • 9 Sessions (60-90 min in length) of customized Master Coaching. We dive to the depths of what has been blocking 

    you from achieving success in your relationship with your body and full enjoyment in eating and peace (and sanity) with your food. I will hold you in a safe, sacred, non-judgmental, confidential and unconditionally loving way. Sessions are a customized blend of what you need most at the time, but include elements of intuitive reading, practical coaching, Miracle-Minded content ( *as trained directly from Marianne Williamson herself), energy realignment and joyful sisterly mentorship to get you into the body you love- so you can live fully with comfort and confidence. These sessions are surprisingly enjoyable to my clients, as they are filled with light-heartedness, and a sweet compassion as I walk with you as your guide on this insightful journey to the body you love to inhabit. It is my joy and honor to see you succeed.

Book your free call to discover what's really been blocking you from releasing weight, freedom with food and confidence & comfort in your body. And, let's make a plan for you to have what you desire & deserve. 


We are all meant  to shine.

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