My Success is...

Your Success.

“This was the easiest 30 lbs I’ve ever lost.”    - P.F.

"The mental shift I have experienced is the piece of my weight loss journey I have been missing for my entire life (over 50 years). I can actually see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel."


                                                    - E. G.

                                                       Salsa Dance Instructor        

                                                         & Studio Owner


“This course was brilliant in addressing all of the mental, physical and spiritual elements that impact weight loss.  Vanessa’s course material and personal coaching are transformational and have already made a significant positive impact on my health and wellbeing.  Her methods and insights are profoundly important to a miracle minded vision of self.”

                                                           - J.R

                                                                 Rocket Scientist (literally)

“You will never understand how much you have impacted and helped me.”


                                     - Cassie Hafer


"I found food freedom and the easiest weight loss ever! I’ve tried many many diets and always regained the weight because no one ever helped me deal with the issues that kept me struggling."

                                           - Paige Fulmer

                                                      DoTerra Consultant

“I feel like I got out of a self-made prison”.


                                             - Malika Semper



"I've done some of most transformative work of my life by her guidance over a few short weeks. In a world crowded with ineffective but well meaning "new age" coaches, she brings a rare authenticity and presence to her practice. You would be lucky to work with her!"                        

                               -  Kathryn McCormick,                                                Holistic Health Coach, Houston, TX

“Size 16 jeans! I have not seen those in years!!”

                                             - E.G.

Working with Vanessa helped me regain control of my life. I am less stressed and more grounded. I’ve replaced negative thought patterns with positive and productive thoughts. Life is good agin!

                                            - Becky Sarver

                                                             PhD Student


 By working with her, I have a better sense of how to listen to my inner voice and ignore all the negative self-talk and chatter that gets me in the way of myself.    

                                     - Wendy Snyder

      Writer, Oakland School for the Arts Teacher, Mom

"It was the most pleasurable experience

  of my life!"              

                                   - P. F.

  "I have been able to make great progress in understanding and being in touch with my deepest Self and have felt that I have been able to deepen my self-knowledge, which for me is really important.  I would highly recommend Vanessa as a coach as she is caring, listens wholeheartedly and has really good insights to be able to guide me to the answers I most need to get.  She's been really great. Thank you so much, Vanessa!  I am truly grateful for your guidance and help!"

                                                                                                                            - Jenny, Alhambra, Ca

                Facilitator for Diaconate Formation, Spiritual Life Coach


I am so grateful to have found this healing in my life. I feel transformed! I am more motivated and productive. I feel excited about my life again! I have more self-esteem and feel more beautiful and strong. I feel like I’m on an important journey and can’t wait for each session to see what’s next on the path.


                                          - Amanda Harman

                                             Medical Billing/Administration, Mom

I got rid of 38 pieces of clothing last week, they were all too big!

                                                - P.F.

Being around her is an invitation to step further into your own self expression and passion. I highly recommend her as a coach, a teacher and leader!"                                                                      -Michelle Fetch 

                                                (Founder of Women Enough)

“After the Mini-Training Bundle and just a week of the MMWL Program, I feel better than I have in 40 years! And, I’m down 15lbs!”

                                                    - Paige Fulmer

                                                          DoTerra Essential Oils


I can't say enough amazing words about her. Vanessa is authentic and intuitive and might I add....FUN!!!! Full of passion and fire, she is the real deal."                                                                            - Lauren Flicker

                                              Potter/Mom/Dental Hygienist