Alignment- Being  and feeling "right" with yourself or with something or someone. Knowing you are matching with the thing you are in alignment with. To resonate with. Lined up, in sync.


Aura- An energetic field around a person, some can feel, some can see and most people detect unconsciously.



Authentic Voice Coaching- Vocal lessons that involve the entire person, a holistic approach to self-expression. Focal points are how the singer feels and relates to their body, the honesty and purity of the sounds they produce, the words they speak or sing. The goal in Authentic Voice Coaching is to become clear and conscious of what and how you say what you do, why you express yourself the way you do and how to transform that into a powerful and effective communication. Also, major emphasis on the singers perspective and internal emotions, physical sensations and internal world.



Blind Spot- Any area of your life or yourself that you simply can't see. You don't know what's there or that there is a spot there at all for anything to exist in. Something you're missing, but don't know you're missing.



Breakdown- A time of "falling apart", an intensly emotional feeling of defeat, failure or malfunction.



Breakthrough- A transformation of a person, perspective or situation where there was a shift in consciousness. Something was happening and through your own intention (or subconscious allowance) what was going "wrong"/"bad"/"down hill" was utilized for the good. A learned lesson, transformed outcome. (Normally right on the other side of a breakdown). 



Breakthrough Shadow Coaching- System created by the late Debbie Ford to uncover and reclaim all the supressed, hidden, unconscious, denied and rejected parts of ourselves, for the purpose of reaching a whole, fully embraced and integrated self.



Chakras- Anchor points connecting the spirit to the human body. There are seven major Chakras in the human body and many more outside of it. Each Chakra is associated with a color, a sound and properties. Also can be referred to as energy vortex's.



Channeling- To be in alignment with a certain energy, connect and let it flow through you, bypassing (as much as possible) your personality/ego/mind/identity. Channeling can very in subtlty, dynamic, appearance and personal experience.



Emotional Intelligence- The information of your emotions. To know what you feel, to be 'intouch' with your feelings, being able to name, feel and experience viserally your own reality. 



Empath/Empathic Senses- A hightened sense of feeling, ultra sensitive to energy and emotions. Often can 'sense' or feel things another person is feeling, or things that they aren't even conscious of but that are in their energy feild.



Grounded/ing- To bring focus back to your body, the ground and your weight on the Earth. To be connected, centered, secure, and present inside of yourself and feel your tethering to Mother Earth. (Similar to centered/ing) 



Integrative Power Medicine- A three fold Mind-Body-Spirit synergetic modality, developed by Vanessa Rae Beggs. IPM is a longer session, normally 90 minutes approximately, and has a structure of three main tennents; coaching, massage and vocalizing. These sessions move and flow organically with intentional energy and unfold in varying forms, while still maintaining the root integrity of the three pillars of mind-body-spirit. This dynamic method is an intense healing experience and is responsible for amazing results immediately as well as months of unfolding healing properties to clients. (Only for CA residents currently).



Integrity/Integration- Wholeness. Having all parts working together as part of a bigger whole. Being in unity, oneness and right with oneself. Complete.



Internal World- The reality inside of you, to be only experienced by you. Your thought's, feelings, sensations- your subjective internal life.



Laying on of Hands- A way of placing the hands on the body in the best most appropriate way for a specific healing. Often a soft embrace or setting on the body, normally still and silent and slow. A way of relaxing, soothing and calming the energy and eventually the physical as well. This starts as a more subtle and energetic aapproach and then goes deeper into the physical realm.



Massage Modalities- The different styles Vanessa has been trained and professionally practiced in. Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage), Swedish, Deep Tissue, Energy Balancing/Clearing, Pressure Point, Polarity Therapy, Intuitive Healing.



Meditation- For the sake of this website and my work, meditation can be silent, guided by another, guided by self, a walking meditation, and last for a few minutes to several hours. Anytime you are being present with your internal world and focusing on your breath, you are meditating.



Mirroring- Similar and related to 'Projection'. Mirroring is seeing other people, situations, experiences, etc as a mirror to what's going on for you or with you or as you. 



Presence- To feel the essence of someone or something energetically. Ex; "She has such presence." "There was a presence of sadness in the room."



Present- To be aware in the moment of the moment and vice versa.



Projection- The act of seeing qualities and characteristics in others that are reflections of yourself. Projecting is something nearly all of us do, and quite often. It's the Universes way of showing us ourselves.



Radiance- Palpable beauty. A deep, and powerful personal beauty shining through, that comes from inner self-love, respect and a high self-regard. 



(The) Shadow- Coined by Carl Jung, a persons 'Shadow' is what's hiding/been surpressed/denied, etc. in a persons unconscious or subconscious. Shadow elements are things we've rejected about ourselves and are often completely unaware of.



Spiritual Music Theory- Traditional basic music theory with a deeper, metaphysical, energetic and emotional meaning. A practice of using music to understand more about yourself and your current life circumstances. Subjects of timing, pitch, intervals are juxtaposed with yourself/experience/life to receive greater insights and divine meaning. Similar to Sacred Geometry. 



Trigger- Something or someone that produces a rise in you, rather than just being informed by stimuli, you are reacting with emotional charge behind it. Can be "positive" or "negative".



Unconscious/Subconscious- Terms used for the parts of our minds/self we are unaware of, not the conscious mind or aspect of ourself. The Unconscious/Subconscious parts make up most of our brain and intelligence, measurements in the 80-90% range. Most of what we "know" or store,  we don't know.



Vocalizing- Using the vocal chords to produce and release sounds, energy and air. All "singing" is vocalizing but not all vocalizing is singing. Vocalizing could be a release of screaming, hissing, speaking, groaning, whispering, singing...