Divine Right Body


It's time to take a stand against self-loathing, body shame, competition between sisters and objectification of one self and others. 

      The radical, brave thing to do...     



bl9.jpg the face of all the societal, cultural (and sometimes relational and familial) forces that are trying to tear you down and tell you you're not enough.     




Love Your Body

         (in all it's glorious imperfections)


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"I was skeptical at the beginning as I had never done anything like this before. I was so moved and impressed with the quality of each session. Vanessa is gifted and professional in walking you through your journey and was able to enlighten me on so many areas of my inner life."                                 

                                Lauren Flicker

                            Pottery/Ceramic Artist                                              

"Working with Vanessa helped me to regain control of my life. I am less stressed and more grounded. I've replaced negative thought patterns with positive and productive thoughts. Life is good again!"

                                                                                Becky Sarver

                                                        PhD Student

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I've done some of most transformative work of my life by her guidance over a few short weeks. In a world crowded with ineffective but well meaning "new age" coaches, she brings a rare authenticity and presence to her practice. You would be lucky to work with her!"           

                                             Kathryn McKormic

                                            Holistic Health Coach

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