Private Coaching



Embodiment (In-Body-Meant) Coaching:

     LOOK! I get that you don't feel good enough right now, or that you've "messed" something up... maybe "it's not right" or "you're not right"... Really I get it. I WAS THERE- literally....


     BUT, you don't have to stay there. You don't have to live there. And, I get that too, cause I no longer am. I still am not perfect, but I have so changed my body and body story and therefore my life!


     If you're ready and you're willing I can show you and be with you step by step as you transform from where ever you are into a place of peace, joy, power, appreciation and beauty.


       These integrative therapeutic sessions will help you embrace yourself, your body and the life you want to create. In 60 min, 75 min and 90 min increments, we privately & confidentially dive into your feelings and experience in your body, create Sacred space to heal past trauma and drama, and cultivate a new way forward in your body.

These sessions are tailor made to you, but have themes of overcoming eating disorders, poor self-image, body shame and any feelings of loathing, worthlessness or body/food obsessive thoughts. And just plain disconnection from yourself/body...

You will be heard, seen and honored. Together we will forge a new way forward and into your self. The self of worth, happiness, love, integrity, security, safety, confidence... and whatever else you long to create and be.


All sessions are held online, either Zoom or FaceTime, currently. 

60 min Session     $45 - $65  Sliding Scale

75 min Session     $55 - $75  Sliding Scale

90 min Session     $65 - $85  Sliding Scale


Payment can be made before or after the session.

           Available by Appointment Only, Monday-Saturday

  To book your session please email

I have sooooooo got you, Let's do this, together.

    I am here for you!


XO Vanessa Rae