Vanessa Rae

    I've been called a lot of things and called myself many things... and in many ways, I am truly a modern Renaissance woman. What I feel the most important and relevant to share now, I've included below...

       I'm drawn, compelled and devoted to giving my gifts. I am ready to be of use to the Universe in all the ways. I'm a natural born intuitive, free spirited vocalist who thrives on authentic self-expression. I've just come to realize more recently, how profound my early Knowing (kindergarten is my earliest memory) really was. I was confident and comfortable in my Knowing of the invisible realm of the mysterious, mystical and magical miraculous! I communicated with it, trusted it and talked about the limitless potential and quantum field of possibility- but with a 5 year old vocab! My "out-there" musings and hyper sensitive system had many decades of difficulty ahead, adjusting to this world... To cope, I trained.

       I began meditating and holding ceremony as a teen and haven't stopped, in fact it's become my life and life's work. I started my formal study at 23 yrs old (and also haven't stopped!), becoming a practitioner in a few integrative healing modalities, counseling, coaching and music. I've been coaching since 2015, teaching since 2007 and facilitating healing therapy since 2001. I've done lots of professional stuff and if you want to know more, just ask, I'm proud and happy to share... However it's my personal life that's really the qualifier to me offering this transformative work!

        I've overcome many personal obstacles, (an eating disorder, dysfunctional/abusive relationships, over-shopping/spending, depression - to name a few), using exactly what I offer and it's my purpose, pleasure and sacred mission to share my knowledge, experience, innate knowing and gifts to those who are called to it.

       I am always moving towards growth, development and personal besting, in whatever way is necessary and appropriate for the moment. I LIVE THIS WORK. That is what this work requires of BOTH OF US, and that is how it works that you get exactly what your soul most needs. I'm happy and deeply honored to facilitate this for you and with you.

Music Education:

Mills College, BA Music, with Honors



Vanessa and Her Many Moons

The Heavenly Biscuits

Veruse (coming 2021)

Certified Practitioner from:

Mendocino School of Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Arts 

Ford Institute for Integral Studies; Professional Integrative Coach

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

Archology Counseling

Reiki Master (I, II, III); The Energy Connection

Continued Education:

Landmark (4 Courses)

White Cloud Institute in Energy Medicine

Art Therapy


Awesome, Honored & Devoted Mom:

To Violet