Hello Gorgeous One.

"May all people know their inherent worth and embody the true beauty of WHO they are." This is the mission of this work in a broader since. More specifically, my heart is dedicated to the women and girls who are suffering and turning on their bodies and themselves. This service is to relieve you of the struggle, pain, discomfort & the suffering you are experiencing in your body; so you may shine as you were meant to. Not only for your joy, confidence and true purpose, but for others and the entire world.

Come Home to Yourself...

Look Great, Feel Great & Get On with Your Life!

(The world needs you.)

Who I Am

I have been training for this work in one way or another for my entire life. Though I've gone through much formal training and certification programs in the creative and healing arts, as well as personal and spiritual development beginning in 2001, it's being born an intuitive, sensitive empath- who suffered deeply with depression, dysfunctional relationships and an eating disorder that prepared me the most. 

I came in very clear and remembered who I was from the start- as I imagine all of us do. But then, I never forgot it. I just began to hid it when the harsh "reality" of the outer world


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