Hello Beauty.

As anyone that knows me will attest, I'm an open book. I actually like exposing the dark, shadowing parts to bring them to light and have never received a question I didn't want to share my answer to, whether that be professional advice or details of my own "Dark Night of the Soul" and "Hero's Journey". When we openly share, we learn there's nothing to hide or be ashamed of, only lessons to learn, healing of wounds and power to be harnessed. For the purpose of introducing myself, however, I have written two takes below; one my professional bio and the other my personal story. I find them both to be just as valid and influential in how and why I offer the work I do and why I can do the work I do and most importantly why I can help you. I believe we can use everything we've gone through to not only grow, but to help and serve others. It's my honor to do that for you. 


May you be free and in a body you love.

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My Personal Story



Professional Biography

I received my first education in holistic healing, certifying as an Integrative Massage Therapist, through the Mendocino School of Healing Arts in Mendocino California, in 2001. I fell in love with the study of subtle energy and its impact and connection to the body. I began my massage therapist career that year and have added modalities and deepened my work ever since. I attended yoga teacher training and certified as a Yoga Siromani later that year from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta, after immersing myself in the yogic philosophy while living on the Grassvalley, Ca. ashram. My next holistic healing studies took place in Hawaii, where I delved into Taoism, with Carolyn Diel of The White Cloud Institute. I studied and certified as a Chi New Tsang practitioner, (Chinese abdominal massage), as well as Energy Medicine I & II and Healing Love for Women. I eventually went on to become a Reiki Level 3 Master in Irwin, PA in 2016. 

I wanted to add psychological elements to my healing arts practice and began training with the Landmark Curriculum for Living in 2010. I took to the transformative work and completed 4 programs through the next 3 years. This prepped and compelled me to take this mind-body work further. I completed a vigorous 14-month certification program through The Ford Institute, where I became an Integrative Coach Professional in 2014, and began coaching professionally in 2015. I began my focus helping women claim their freedom and confidence in their bodies and self-expression in their lives. I added a more clinical training in 2020, when I studied with Kane Ramsey and received my certification as a Counseling Practitioner (Beginner to Advanced) from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.


Most recently, I've had the privilege to work and be trained directly with world renowned thought leader and best selling author Marianne Williamson for 9 months and received my Miracle-Minded Coaching Certification. This work incorporates A Course In Miracles principles and adds a further spiritual component to my healing practice. Through working with Marianne Williamson, I refined my practice to specifically serve women and girls in relation to their bodies, weight, food and eating experiences. The innovative program Miracle-Minded Weight Loss, helps women and girls find freedom and peace in their eating, perfect and right feeling weight in their body and confidence and comfort in themselves. I'm currently writing a guidebook sharing this different approach to food and being in our bodies, to be completed in 2022. My mission is to help as many as I can to free themselves from the battle with body image, an uncomfortable body and food dysfunctions. May we ALL be free.